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Our espadrilles are hand sewn by knowledgeable experienced hands, using the highest quality materials possible. First, the jute twines are braided. These braids are then manually formed into the shape of the sole and pressed with heat to form the final shape and completed with vertical stitching. The jute soles are the most critical part. These soles are then set in place and more jute braids are wrapped around it to complete the sole. Uppers of different styles and materials are then built on the jute soles to complete the espadrille.



Alpargatas or espardenyes in Spanish, have been made in the Pyrennean Catalonia and the Occitania region since the 14th century. The term espadrille derives from the word 'esperdenye', in Catalan and refers to a type of shoe made with 'esparto', a tough, wiry Mediterranean grass used in making rope.

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