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Welcome to Ritmo Barcelona. Beautiful, classic and comfortable espadrilles, designed in Barcelona and handcrafted in a small espadrille heritage rich village of Spain.

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"Ritmo means rhythm... Rhythm is energy, it is life, it is positivism, it is movement, it is being. Rhythm defines our restless spirit to offer the best product in quality, design, comfort, and topicality, never forgetting our origin...."


Our Story 

Ritmo Barcelona began some years ago, when Miguel departed his home of Barcelona Spain, and arrived in Sydney Australia, with very broken English. By chance, he met me (Matt) and we established a bond. After many months of the both of us speaking 'Spanglish' and acting out charades in trying to understand each other, we discovered that we shared a similar very ambitious spirit. From this, we formed the vision of bringing a unique yet classic and genuine espadrille to Australia.

This vision and core focus evolved to become the pursuit of perfecting the highest quality, authentic Spanish espadrille the traditional way. Truly beautiful handcrafted espadrilles, free from the world where the majority adopt mass made machinery over hand made artisanry.

As such, we are proud to mention that our supplier is one of the select few that is certified and classified as 'artesania' by the Spanish government. Every stitch, every jute sole, every pattern is composed by hand using truly premium Spanish and Italian leathers; with our craftsman strictly adhering to the very true and authentic Spanish methods of handcrafted espadrille production.


Throughout this arduous, lengthy and at times quite cumbersome process, our supplier engages various specialised highly skilled craftsman who produce for some of the biggest high street fashion brands in the world.


In sustaining this very rich Spanish heritage, we keep our design philosophy simple. We design and craft all the classic and traditional espadrille silhouettes using utmost premium materials, with comfort at our forefront. 


We'd love it, if you so choose to walk with us on this journey. 

Muchas Gracias! 



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