About us

Welcome to Ritmo Bcn. Beautiful, classic and comfortable espadrilles designed in Barcelona and crafted in an espadrille heritage rich region of Spain.

Our Story

Meet Miguel. He landed in Sydney Australia early 2015 fresh from Barcelona. Drawing inspiration from his homeland of Catalonia, Spain, (the origination of espadrilles some many centuries ago), he had a vision to launch an authentic espadrille brand in Australia, focused on perfecting high quality, simply designed, well made espadrilles. Crafted espadrilles free from the world where the majority adopt mass made machinery over hand made artisanry. 

Sticking true to this vision, we are proud to mention that our supplier is one of the select few that is certified and classified as 'artesania' by the Spanish government. This is granted on the basis that our supplier's team of artisans strictly abides by the very traditional and ancient Spanish method and process of handcrafted espadrille production.

Sustaining the Spanish heritage of the espadrille, our design philosophy is simple, with a focus on crafting all the classic and traditional espadrille silhouettes that have existed long before the internet using premium Spanish leathers and materials with a key focus on quality craftsmanship.    

And there you have it....almost.

Forgot to mention, that soon after Miguel's arrival in Sydney, and with very poor and broken English, he crossed paths (under hilarious circumstances we might add - to be told another time) with his now partner on this journey, (Matt - me), and here we are...

Thanks for the support in getting us this far, we can't wait to keep you moving forward and invite you to walk with us on this journey!

Miguel A. Nieto               Matt Green